It’s great to get outside and do what you love, right?

Whether it’s running, surfing, climbing, or hiking, having the best gear makes a difference. 

But finding the best gear takes a lot of time. I’ve spent countless hours researching options and then analyzing choices, and those hours usually come at the expense of time I could have spent outside. This can be really frustrating.

So what we’re trying to do at Sweat Designs is save you time. Rather than doing all the research yourself, we’ll try to take care of you. We’ll spend time doing the research and (in some cases) testing the products so you don’t have to.

When making recommendations, we’re focused on two criteria above all others: value and versatility.

For value, we mean the products that are high quality at a reasonable cost. Sure, the bicycle that’s all carbon with the fanciest components is really, really nice. It’s a niche product though for the elite competitors. Instead, we’re looking for the product that will let you enjoy the sport the most while also considering the price point.

For versatility, we’re really focused on making recommendations that will let you buy less stuff. We all have a friend who has fourteen pairs of skis, six bikes, thirty shoes, and eighteen jackets, and it works great for him. On any given day, he’s ready. But is that really necessary for all of us? At the same time though, no one wants an 18-in-1 poorly designed piece of gear. Our recommendations are focused on covering as many needs as possible, without compromising quality,  so you don’t have to rent out a storage locker.


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